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5 Star Performance

Insulation Specialists.

Insulation plays the biggest part in providing Comfort - Indoor Air Quality and Energy Consumption. A High Performance Insulation System from 5 Star Performance Insulation will ensure not only will you meet and exceed the Energy and Green Codes but will provide a substantial reduction in your energy demand and allow you to reap the continuous benefits of lower Energy Bills.

With over 30 years of Insulation Experience in 4 States, 5 Star has the know-how and the skills to make it happen

We can match up the right material and application to transform Energy Wasting Homes and Structures into more comfortable and less costly Habitats

Our Services range from Commercial and Industrial to Existing Residential buildings and New Homes that are either built or just getting started

Main Office Information:

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4150 Florin-Perkins Road
Suite C
Sacramento, Ca 95826
Main Office Phone:
(916) 383-7590

Other Offices:

(530) 550-1977
(209) 465-0760
(775) 324-4434

We're currently working on revamping our website to serve our customers better.

California Contractor's License # 739707

Nevada Contractor's License # 70336

Products Offered:

  • Spray-in-place Soy Based Polyurethane Foam
  • Closed Cell and Open Cell
  • Cellulose - All Borate Stabilized
  • Spray-in-Place
  • Blow-in
  • Drill and Fill
  • Dense Pak
  • Denim Batts
  • Boardstock
  • Fiberglass - Formaldehyde Free
  • On request - Blow-in and Batts
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